Molis Coaching: Molis Moment — Appropriately Addressing TMJ Questions with Invisalign

invisalign tmj Aug 11, 2020

As part of a special feature, we are revealing some of our case highlights normally only available to Molis Coaching Essentials members.

TMJ is not something to be intimidated by. You're going to get asked about it from time to time. Noting that Invisalign is not a medical device designed to treat TMJ.

If you are asked if Invisalign treatment will solve a patient's TMJ, you can answer honestly and transparently: Moving teeth into a more proper position will reduce the stress on your TMJ. Fixing your bite can help alleviate the situation. You can't guarantee the end result.

Wearing the Invisalign retainer every night acts as a bite guard... and I believe it's the best bite guard on the market.

If we meet one of my patients, Heather, you'll see that she had severe crowding, a deep bite and more. We were able to straighten her teeth significantly and get her bite in great shape.

In her case, her jaw clicking stopped. She actually forgot she was able to pop her jaw. The result was...

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