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Benefits of Membership

Curriculum - Community - Coaching

Four Integrated Modules

Over 70  Videos - Online, On-Demand, 24/7/365
Module 1 - Whole Practice Approach
Module 2 - Marketing Efficiency
Module 3 - Clinical Confidence
Module 4 - ClinCheck Roadmap
12+ total hours of education made easily manageable via "MicroLearn" videos averaging 10-12 minutes.
Learn a lot in a little time and action it in your practice right away! Revisit as often as you like!

Online Community Membership for a Year!

• Available 24/7/365 real-time peer support
Daily interaction with Dr. Ryan and your peers
• 100% Positive peer-led support
• Regular live sessions with case discussions and Q&A
• Real cases and ClinCheck® conversations
• The fun and positive support literally never stops

Reference Library

• Dr. Ryan's ClinCheck Preferences
• Speeches, Forms, and Turnkey Scripts
• Tools, Templates, and Resources
• Real Cases & ClinCheck®-focused Learning

Exclusive Discounts

GPO Pricing on Products and Services
• iTero purchases, upgrades, and financing 
• All products Dr. Ryan uses for the same prices he pays
• SWAG, photo backdrops, and more!

Bonus Materials

Over 50 Videos (40+ hours)
• ClinCheck-based Learning
• iTero Guidance & Demonstrations
• Previous Webinars & Summit Presentations
• 12-week Paced Program

Marketing Materials

• Access Dr. Ryan's proven marketing packages 
  (Valued at over $30k alone)

• Use the same proven service providers 
  (with the same discounts Ryan receives)

Mobile App

• Access all content from your phone or tablet
• Seamlessly pick up where you left off and let the learning continue

Patient Financing

• Offer your patients more financial flexibility
  with a free RevenueWell trial

Guaranteed Growth

• Membership pays for itself - we Guarantee it!
• Better yet, what we teach lasts forever in your practice.


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