Molis Coaching Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Imagine practicing every day supported by a curriculum, coach, and community of supportive peers by your side...fully equipped with simple, clear, proven steps guaranteed to grow your Invisalign practice.


Curriculum - Community - Coaching

Molis Coaching is an on-demand course and community helping you confidently start and complete more Invisalign cases.


Invisalign Samples

Four Integrated Modules

Over 70 Videos - Online, On-Demand, 24/7/365

  • Module 1 - Whole Practice Approach
  • Module 2 - Marketing Efficiency
  • Module 3 - Clinical Confidence
  • Module 4 - ClinCheck Roadmap
    12+ total hours of education made easily manageable via "MicroLearn" videos averaging 10-12 minutes.
  • Learn a lot in a little time and action it in your practice right away
  • Revisit as often as you like!
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Reference and Bonus Library

Where Invisalign Doctors Learn to Thrive

  • Dr. Ryan's ClinCheck Preferences
  • Speeches, Forms, and Turnkey Scripts
  • Tools, Templates, and Resources
  • Real Cases & ClinCheck®-focused Learning
  • AND Bonus Materials including: Over 50 Videos (40+ hours)
  • ClinCheck-based Learning
  • iTero Guidance & Demonstrations
  • Previous Webinars & Summit Presentations
  • 12-week Paced Program


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Online Community Membership for a Year!

Online, on-demand training equips your practice with a proven path to guaranteed Invisalign growth.

  • Available 24/7/365 real-time peer support
  • Daily interaction with Dr. Ryan and your peers
  • 100% Positive peer-led support
  • Regular live sessions with case discussions and Q&A • Real cases and ClinCheck conversations
  • The fun and positive support literally never stops
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You’ve discovered Molis Coaching’s proven path to guaranteed Invisalign growth.

  • A comprehensive curriculum guiding them every step of the way.
  • The confidence that comes with real time community support at the touch of a button 24/7.
  • Coaching that trains your team to set and achieve Invisalign goals consistently and repeatedly.
  • PLUS: Up to 5 CE Credits for your team.
  • And YOU will have a top performing team of Invisa-leaders supporting your practice’s Invisalign growth every day!


Dr. Ryan Molis Giving His Student His Product


Our renowned experts will guide you to achieving new heights in your Invisalign practice.

  • Learn the same simplified system for Invisalign growth created and used every day by Dr. Ryan Molis, the #1 solo Invisalign GP.
  • Get expert coaching from faculty members who have grown their Invisalign practices to new heights with Molis Coaching.
  • Help your team members grow with coaching directly from the Molis Coaching Teams coaches and Dr Ryan’s office team. Support your team’s Invisalign skills and confidence so they can become true Invisa-leaders in your practice!
  • Maximize your Molis Coaching experience with dedicated support from member service specialists.
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MLS Template

The MLS template combines the power of ClinCheck software with Dr. Ryan Molis treatment methods.

  • Applies all of Ryan’s clinical preferences at the initial setup - get closer to the final treatment plan - right from the start.
  • Fewer comments and less modifications required - improved user experience.
  • Template has almost 100 preferences programmed - the most extensive template developed.
  • Consistently being updated and further developed!
Molis Coaching Staff Showing Platinum Invisalign Provider

Guaranteed Growth

The Molis Coaching Guarantee

  • Membership pays for itself - we guarantee it!
  • Better yet, what we teach lasts forever in your practice.
Pace Academy General Dentistry

AGD/PACE CE Credit • Teams CE Credit

Complete the Essentials Assessments (Practice, Marketing, and Clinical) or 6.5 CE Credits

  • Additional CE opportunities to be announced.
  • Additional information on CE (including updates on additional credits when available) are regularly updated.

So Much More!

Once you are a member of MoCo you have access to a world of additional opportunity and value that can only be found at Molis Coaching and so much more!


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Give Your Team the Gift of Invisalign Confidence

You’ve discovered Molis Coaching’s proven path to guaranteed Invisalign growth. Now invite your team to join you! Equip up to 12 team members with their own individual membership in Molis Coaching Teams.


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Two Days • Twelve Months • Your Practice Changed Forever

Each Mastermind is limited to ensure a small group, curated experience. Reserve your spot in an upcoming sessions. A deposit is required. Contact Us with questions.

Some of Molis Coaching Dental Equipment

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy GPO pricing on preferred products, services, and supplies.

  • Receive exclusive discounts on supplies and equipment
  • Benefit from private discounts on iTero purchases and upgrades, plus special financing
  • Access the same marketing tools and resources Ryan uses every day with our members-only package

ClinCheck Support

Discover how you can easily implement simple, proven ClinCheck techniques in your practice.

  • Complete Your Own ClinCheck Modifications in 5 Minutes or Less
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Molis Coaching Alumni

Keep The Momentum Going!

After your first year of membership, remain a member, and enjoy all the extra value and newly added content we are always adding at a low cost renewal alumni membership rate.


All this, and so much more, is the life of a Molis Coaching member.  Join today to get started.

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