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"It’s been worth every penny and has already paid for itself. We’ve doubled our cases since joining…we’ve been in the chair half the time, and I’ve got a much better grasp of the ClinCheck process and what to look for."

Dr. Matt

"I’m more excited about this than any other program I’ve been involved in. Ryan has been above and beyond helpful.
Diamonds are in my future!"

Dr. Richard

"I’m super pumped to take on the Invisalign game in my practice. I really have enjoyed the content-rich, concise videos.
Makes for quick and effective learning."

Dr. Kyle

Though she completed Invisalign training 10 years ago, Dr. Meg never implemented her training due to changing practices and a growing family. Upon joining Molis Coaching she shared “I’m excited to change all that!”

Dr. Meg

With three lifetime starts at the time she became a Premium member of Molis Coaching, Dr. Y gained the confidence to take on four new starts in her first ten days of membership!

Dr. Y

“Yesterday we sold 4 cases in a single day! And we haven’t even started any kind of marketing yet. The team is killing it! Things are looking up! Thanks Ryan Molis and everyone behind the scenes. This is super cool!”

Dr. D

“Seeing your success is inspirational. THANK YOU FOR SHARING! Most coaches have not walked in the shoes of the general dentist. Seeing you walking the walk and talking the talk and sharing the tiniest of details is huge for me. THANK YOU!”

Dr. P

We have started 16 cases in our first three weeks of adding Invisalign to our practice. That’s a $65,000 added increase in production, without slowing my normal practice production and schedule one bit. Truly a career and life changing experience.

Dr. S

More Cases

  • Set bold, achievable, Invisalign practice goals

  • Engage your entire team in seamlessly integrating Invisalign throughout your practice

  • Exponentially increase your Invisalign caseload every year

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More Confidence

  • Gain clinical skills quickly and efficiently – to confidently take on any case from start to finish

  • Finish ClinCheck® reviews in 5 minutes or less with only one modification

  • Leverage tools like the iTero® scanner with ease

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More Revenue

  • Set transformative revenue growth goals and motivate your team

  • Implement proven practices to easily meet growing demand

  • Maximize efficiency to fill your schedule and achieve unprecedented success

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Unprecedented Simplified Instruction

No more struggling to piece together instruction from different sources or reconciling different approaches to the same issue. Access everything you need to scale your practice with confidence. A single, simplified approach taught directly from the office of a practicing GP just like you!

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Ryan, a VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign provider with over 5,000 lifetime cases, simplifies how to seamlessly integrate Invisalign treatment to exponentially grow any practice.


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