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Learn from one of the best in the business...who is practicing what he teaches EVERY DAY!

As a solo-practitioner with only 4 ops in each office, Ryan has exponentially grown two separate practices, one from 
$600,000 to $4.5 mil per year, and another from $250,000 to $1.9 mil per year.

  • Both in under 5 years
  • Both as a direct result of his Invisalign practice
  • Both in completely different communities with totally different median income levels - proving Invisalign practice success is possible in any market

Invisalign treatment conversion rate over 90% (with a 4 minute consultation speech)

75% of Invisalign treatment patients become general dentistry patients

50% of current practice is now entirely Invisalign treatment revenue

Annual average cases of nearly 800 per year

6,000 total Invisalign patients...and counting! 

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