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Results & Feedback

We built Molis Coaching to have an immediate and measurable impact on our members and their practices.
But, don't take our word for it! 
Below is what our members have to say!

Meaningful & Measurable Impact

The more engaged a member gets, the greater the results! Just take a look! Blue line is the average expected case starts per quarter by members over 2019. Orange line is the average Molis Coaching member (DOUBLING cases!). Gray line is members completing 75% or more of the program (YES REALLY!). Yellow line is our Mastermind docs!

Member Feedback Matters!

"Ryan has been above and beyond helpful and has me believing that diamonds are in my future. I look forward to this year and beyond. I’m more excited about this than any other program I’ve been involved in. See ya in Orlando!!! "– Dr. D
"Hi all!! So excited to be here! Big Thank you to both Scott and Ryan! Such great human beings! Can’t wait to grow as an Invisalign provider! Diamond here I come! 😁" – Dr. A
"As a team, we've reviewed the goals and expectations [as well as] roles for every person. With me not having a ton of cases under my belt and my assistant never having done it before, the clinical section has been a game changer." – Dr. H
"I’m very excited to be adding Invisalign to my practice because I know so many of my patients can benefit from it! I completed Invisalign training 10 years ago and then never implemented due to moving practices, having two kids and just never making it a priority. I’m excited to change all of that!" – Dr. M
“It’s been worth every penny and has already paid for itself. We’ve doubled our cases since joining…we’ve been in the chair half the time, and I’ve got a much better grasp of the ClinCheck process and what to look for.” - Dr. M
"We are on pace to exceed our total number of cases from last year in just the first month of enrollment. Very excited about what lies ahead. Ryan Molis, you are a jedi." – Dr. R
"Hey Gang! I'm super pumped to take on the Invisalign game in my practice. I really have enjoyed the content's rich, concise videos. Makes for quick and effective learning." – Dr. K
"Happy to be here! Thank you for the opportunity to learn from some of the best! I've been watching some of the videos and we've already started implementing new ideas. I can't wait to see our growth with Invisalign this year!" – Dr. M.H.
“I’m 10 years into practice, and never been so stoked for the next day of practice!” – Dr. S
“I am officially a proud member of Molis Coaching!  Tomorrow is my birthday and this is the best present I could possibly give myself!” – Dr. B

“Seeing your success is inspirational. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!
Most coaches have not walked in the shoes of a general dentist.
Seeing you walking the walk and talking the talk and
sharing the tiniest of details is huge for me. THANK YOU!”
– Dr. P

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