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What is the
Molis Coaching Difference?

We're glad you asked!
First & Foremost: This is About YOU!


No matter who you are or where you are on your Invisalign journey, you are welcome in Molis Coaching!

Our sole focus is on helping YOU achieve YOUR Invisalign goals.
And kindness! Because we believe it matters!

A Simple Scalable System

A single simplified system built form 20 years and 6,000+ cases of unmatched experience that you achieve results and scale in your practice.

Whole Practice Approach™

Our curriculum prioritizes engaging the potential of your entire team and practice in your Invisalign practice growth using a single, simplified approach based on experience at scale.

Full Year of Support!

  • Curriculum available for a full year!
  • 24/7 Community Access & Peer Support
  • Coaching from positive, motivated peers in real time as you go and grow together!

Trust The Plastic®

We show how to treat any case using only Invisalign aligners. No complicated approaches, 3rd party products, or hybridized treatments. Keep it Simple. Trust the Plastic!


Curriculum derived from the experience of an unparalleled practice with unprecedented results that can be replicated in your practice...starting now!

Setting The Bar Higher

Our mission is to help you double your Invisalign caseload while simplifying your practice, increasing efficiency, and having fun.

Taught by a Practicing GP

Taught by a solo GP who is still in practice. Ryan teaches what he practices and is working right along with you! He's also with you in our online community every day!

No Waiting

Our online training is available immediately, on demand, in your practice, right now.

Growing Together

As Invisalign technology, treatments, new offerings, and other aspects change, so will our curriculum and engagement.

Online Right Now!

Our curriculum and community are online, accessible 24/7. Learn and engage with Ryan, our team, and your peers each day, every day!

Community Supported

Our kind and caring online community is available 24/7, coaching and supporting one another in real time each and every day!

On Demand

Get started the moment you sign up. Learn at your own pace, at your convenience, in your own practice (or at home).

We Move Posterior Teeth

The best smiles and patient outcomes involve moving posterior teeth. It actually makes cases easier to treat. We move them and teach you how to too.

Align & Rep Friendly

Our education is exclusive to Invisalign providers only. And we believe your Invisalign Rep is an important resource and part of your success.


Our comprehensive curriculum covers practice integration, marketing efficiency and clinical skills.

Where You Are

Apply what you learn where you practice when you learn it.

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