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Grow Your Invisalign Practice, Guaranteed!

Become the Invisalign success you are destined to be! 


What if you could double, triple, or even quadruple your Invisalign starts?  What would that look like for your patients?...for your team?...for your production? 

Introducing Molis Coaching

A Simple, Guaranteed 3-Part System

Curriculum • Coaching • Community

Unprecedented Online Curriculum. 
Supportive Member Community.
Constant Coaching Support.


  • Work smarter, not harder.
  • Learn a single simplified system with proven results guaranteed to grow your practice.
  • Eliminate the confusion, overwhelm, and inefficiency of conflicting and complicated approaches.
  • Learn directly from the practice of the #1 solo Invisalign GP who is practicing with you every day!
  • Collaborate with peers in real time in the most supportive community online!
  • Access it all at the touch of a button! Starting NOW!


"Molis Coaching has been a game changer for my practice.  Made everything streamlined and really took the stress out of Invisalign.  Paid for itself in the first month!"

-Dr. Jarrod Williams

More Clarity, More Confidence, & More Revenue!

Molis Coaching pays for itself, guaranteed! We're so confident you'll grow your Invisalign case starts that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

Your Curriculum

Over 70  Video-Based Lessons 
Online, On-Demand, 24/7/365

Module 1 - Whole Practice Approach
Module 2 - Marketing Efficiency
Module 3 - Clinical Confidence
Module 4 - ClinCheck Roadmap
12+ total hours of education made easily manageable via "MicroLearn" videos averaging ~10 minutes each. Revisit them as you like!

Apply what you learn where you practice when you learn it.

Your Coach

Dr. Ryan Molis is a solo GP with two 4-op offices, which he has grown exponentially: One from $600,000 to $4.5 million per year and another from $250,000 to $1.9 million per year.

All using a single, simplified approach in two different markets with completely different demographics, proving extraordinary Invisalign success is possible in ANY practice!

Your Community

Enjoy incredible support from thousands of the kindest, most motivated Invisalign providers anywhere! Molis Coaching’s exclusive members-only community offers live online engagement with Dr. Ryan, his team, and your peers; continued learning with proven strategies, tips, and tools; and real cases and ClinCheck® learning using the same, simplified approach every time!

"Molis Coaching will give you the confidence that you need to implement a plan to change your practice.  It will give you the confidence to approach cases that you would have referred out... For me, it has helped me scale my Invisalign practice to a level that I never thought was possible.  It is by far the best community that I have been involved with and the best investment that I have made in 20 years of practice!"

-Dr. Lee Gold

A Simplified Approach to Every Case

What if you could put 20 years and 6,000 cases of Invisalign experience to work in your practice TODAY? 

You can! At the touch of a button!

Molis Coaching has simplified Dr. Ryan’s unmatched Invisalign experience to help grow YOUR practice. Avoid confusion, overwhelm, and the traditional trial and error. Join Molis Coaching so that you can use the same approach to every case, every patient, every time!

"When you know that there is a helping hand next to you, you achieve more.  The online community at Molis Coaching in itself is worth the money as it improves more confidence to take on more cases."

-Dr. Aparna Sadineni


You may be thinking...

"I am motivated to grow my practice!  But...

  • I've been to conferences that took time away from my practice, were expensive, and didn't help as much as I'd hoped.
  • I just don't have the time to grow my practice more than I am. I can't add to what I'm doing already.
  • I don't have the staff (or my staff doesn't have the ability) to grow.
  • I can't imagine doing more ClinChecks when the ones I am currently doing are so time consuming.
  • There isn't a market in my area for real growth; or... there's too much competition.

You CAN grow your Invisalign practice!  You just need clarity on how to do it.

That's what Molis Coaching will give you!  Inside this comprehensive 12-Month Membership, you'll get the coaching, curriculum, and community support you need to transform your practice and your life!

Get access today to the most comprehensive support system available to Invisalign dentists!

"Finally someone has created a single system on how to approach each Invisalign case.  Using this simple system, I was able to grow my practice over 400% in the first six months."

-Dr. Matt Hicks

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Don't reinvent the wheel to grow your Invisalign practice. Just replicate what works!

Follow the same approach thousands of Molis Coaching members have used to grow their Invisalign practices.

Here's what a few of our members have to say...

Take a look at what's waiting for you
inside Molis Coaching
once you become a member:

 Molis Coaching offers a unique approach you won't find anywhere else. 


Learn the integrated approach that every Invisalign provider should know, from practice integration to marketing efficiency to clinical confidence.

Establish clear roles, delegate the work, motivate and hold your team members accountable, and implement proven incentives to make your work easier.

Use techniques that are efficient and proven to work rather than wasting money on trial and error. Templates, market insights, and vendors are all included.

Assess new cases and deliver treatment with simple, consistent techniques. Do more cases with better outcomes in less time by avoiding the trial and error required over years of experience.

Complete any ClinCheck in 10 steps or less with a consistent approach that will allow you to plan treatment in under 5 minutes no matter how seemingly complex the case. Draw from a library of malocclusions.  

Catapult your knowledge and confidence with deep dives into key topics, in-op case studies, staff and doctor speeches with turnkey scripts, marketing templates, group pricing discounts, and much more!

Join Now

Start growing your Invisalign practice today!

You could spend upwards of $4000 plus travel expenses for the average conference...and still not see tangible results.  Instead, grow your cases and revenue by implementing Molis Coaching's single, simplified system, guaranteed.

Molis Coaching Essentials v2.0



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  • Immediate Curriculum Access
  • 12-Month Community Access
  • All Member Benefits & Discounts
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 6.5 AGD PACE-approved CE credits

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ClinCheck Support


Add 2 ClinCheck® reviews
per month at $200/each
(24 Total = $4,800)

Written ClinChecks completed on the Invisalign Doctor Site and submitted on your behalf
Click here for Video ClinCheck Support

*Limited Availability*


Mastermind Experience



An exclusive opportunity designed for the most motivated providers committed to achieving peak results.

Includes Essentials v2.0, ClinCheck Support for 12 months, Two-Day Session in Orlando, Full-Practice consulting, and much more.

*Very Limited Availability*

  • * ClinCheck Support packages are limited and subject to availability. Read more in FAQs.
  • Additional Aligners for a submitted ClinCheck case not included. Submission of additional aligners applies to monthly case count.
  • * Essentials membership can be renewed annually for a nominal fee. Mastermind membership does not require renewal.

Your Molis Coaching Membership Pays for Itself - We Guarantee It!

Guarantee Details

Imagine the growth Molis Coaching will help you achieve one month from now?... One year from now?...and beyond!

Don't miss out on a proven method for growing your Invisalign practice. Your results are guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose! Start implementing Dr. Ryan's single, simplified, PROVEN system that supercharged his practices... and those of thousands of other motivated GPs.
It will grow yours too!

And what you'll learn lasts FOREVER in your practice! Because what we teach produces a Whole Practice Approach that produces results on Day 1 and for years to come! Let's Do This!

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