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Want a better, faster way to complete your ClinChecks with more predictable outcomes and better results? The MLS Template for ClinChecks is now available - exclusively for Molis Coaching members.

Watch this video below featuring Dr. Ryan Molis and Mike Flanagan from Align Technology discussing how the MLS Template revolutionizes how you complete ClinChecks in the Invisalign Doctor System (IDS).


The MLS Template revolutionizes the ClinCheck process by programming Dr. Ryan Molis' personal ClinCheck preferences directly into a template within ClinCheck software. 

ClinChecks submitted using the MLS Template have better outcomes, requiring less comments and less modifications.  You get to your final treatment plan sooner with less time and energy!

Your ClinCheck process just became easier when you use the MLS Template for ClinChecks!

The MLS Template is available only to active Molis Coaching members as one of the many benefits of membership.  Become a member today and take advantage of this game changer for ClinChecks!

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Hear What Our Members Have To Say

"This is such a game changer everyone!! All of Molis coaching tricks and tips will be AUTOMATICALLY encoded when you submit for a Clincheck. This means WAY less mopdifications and better Clinchecks from the start. If you only see one Molis webinar this year make it this one!! Very exciting!"

Dr. Anthony Engle

"This is going to make your lives soooooo much easier"

Dr. Juan G Sanchez

"Total Game Changer!!! So much easier"

Dr. Jarrod Williams

"AWESOME advantage of being a MoCo member! HUMONGOUS TIME SAVER in your ClinCheck submissions and designing!"

Dr. Keith Flack

"I've been using this for a bit and there's no way I could go back now! This alone is worth the membership to MOCO!"

Dr. Curtis White

"Thanks Ryan and the Molis Team for creating the MLS Template! It sounds like this will be a game changer when reviewing and modifying clinchecks."

Dr. Andy Fratkin


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