Molis Coaching: Molis Moment — Breaking a Thumb Sucking Habit

Let's go over a special case, not because of what it did for the patient's teeth but because of what it did for her habit.

Camille is an interesting case because we treated her to close an open bite, but she had a habit that was hard to break. She let us know that she has been thumb-sucking since she was a child and she is 28 years old now. She tried putting things on her finger to stop the thumb sucking, such as tabasco or bitter spray that did not taste good, nothing worked.

However! having the Invisalign in and not being able to suck her thumb helped her break the habit. The Invisalign created a barrier that made it uncomfortable for her to suck her thumb. She also wanted the results of Invisalign, which helped her stop.

Camille stopped her habit from the moment she started the trays. Definitely, within the first tray (2 weeks) she would go to brush her teeth but told herself no. Now after 22 trays she does not have the urge to suck her thumb at all.

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