Dr. Bicuspid: Tips to grow your Invisalign business

drbicuspid growth interview Jul 06, 2020
Reported By Kevin Henry, editor in chief

January 28, 2020 -- Ryan Molis, DDS, believes he has cracked the code for dental practices to become successful while offering Invisalign products (Align Technology). He has founded his coaching business on this premise, and he has gathered quite the following from Invisalign providers in a very short amount of time.

Before taking my turn on the stage at the recent Invisalign GP Summit in Las Vegas, I squeezed into the room where Dr. Molis was lecturing. The room was packed, and I was lucky to secure a spot standing against one of the walls. A minute or so later and there wouldn't have been anywhere in the large room to sit or stand. People poured in to hear his suggestions and ideas.

I was interested in what Dr. Molis had to say about his success and also why he was drawing such a following from his fellow Invisalign doctors. As a practitioner-adviser to Align Technology's CEO and leadership, Dr. Molis has established himself...

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