Dr. Bicuspid: How Dr. Ryan Molis reopened his practice and kept his Invisalign patients going strong

By Kevin Henry, editor in chief

May 21, 2020 -- When I last interviewed Ryan Molis, DDS, we talked at length about his dental practice and booming Invisalign business. Of course, our world has changed a great deal since that late January interview.

As a practitioner-adviser to Align Technology's CEO and leadership, Dr. Molis has established himself as one of the most successful dentists in the world when it comes to Invisalign. With his Illinois practice now back open after shutting down during the COVID-19 crisis, I wanted to talk to Dr. Molis about what it took to reopen his practice as well as how he kept his Invisalign patients moving through their treatment despite his practice being limited.

Using Invisalign as a core product, Dr. Molis has grown two practices to incredibly successful levels. But what has changed in the past few weeks, if anything, in terms of philosophy and how he and his team will be doing dentistry in the near future? That question is how I...

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