Molis Minute: Appointment Flow

molis minute Jun 08, 2021

Having a solid appointment flow makes an Invisalign-focused practice run both more efficiently and effectively. Developing organizational methods that work for your practice is key to completing everything in a timely fashion.

In the Molis Coaching program, we show you how to stack different procedures into different stages of the Invisalign process for a pleasant patient experience and efficient use of your time.

Molis Coaching Members are also learning and developing their own “Flywheel of Momentum.” This concept is what thriving Invisalign-inclusive practice perpetuates—resulting in the actual “revenue” generated from an “Invisalign case” to a number that far exceeds the income generated from Invisalign treatment alone. This approach built each of Ryan’s practices into the multi-million dollar per year practices they are today. And they can do the same for YOUR practice!

Join Molis Coaching today and learn how to fill your schedule with both general dentistry and Invisalign services!

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