Molis Coaching: Molis Moment — Pre-Restorative for Chipped Teeth

chipped teeth dental case studies invisalign restorative Aug 11, 2020

As part of a special feature, we are revealing some of our case highlights normally only available to Molis Coaching Essentials members.

Often we do Invisalign to provide a straighter smile, but sometimes it actually becomes necessity as a treatment tool.

This is Richard, he came in today as a new patient. His chief complaint was two broken teeth. The front central is a little chipped. If you look at the bottom, that tooth is chipped, so he wanted those fixed.

If you look closer, you can see he has an edge to edge bite. In this situation, if I were to build up that corner with composite he would knock it off. If I did a veneer or a crown, he would chip it right off because there is no room.

We ended up doing an Invisalign scan to actually straighten out the teeth first before we fixed the chipped teeth. A great example of fixing an underlying problem for a much more impactful outcome!

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