Molis Coaching: Molis Moment — Placing Attachments on Crowns

attachments crowns invisalign pulpdent Aug 11, 2020
Placing Attachments on Crowns - Screenshot

As part of a special feature, we are revealing some of our case highlights normally only available to Molis Coaching Essentials members.

Here is a case here where we had to place attachments on crowns. You will see in this case why it was a must.

I use a product from Pulpdent, called the Porcelain Prep Kit. You cannot use a normal etchant of bonding system because the attachments won’t stay on the crowns.

In Erica’s case, she has double attachments on 8 & 9, which are crowns. We had to do the double attachments to avoid tipping the teeth which would leave a black triangle, not to mention that the movement we need wouldn't happen anyway.

If your patient has crowns, use this Pulpdent Porcelain Etch system. Again, I might treat one out of every couple hundred patients this way -- it’s pretty rare -- but when it's a necessity you have to do it or the patient is not going to get the outcome that they want.

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