The Molis Coaching Guarantee


Our course pays for itself, guaranteed!

Here’s how the guarantee works: Complete the Essentials Curriculum, engage your team, and if you don’t do at least one (1) more Invisalign case during the following 12 months of normal operation than you did the prior year (based on Align data), we will refund the price you paid for your Essentials Membership!

But remember, like any course, ours only works if you do, so you’ve got to complete the course to qualify for the guarantee!

Note:  Guarantee and applicable refund does not apply to ClinCheck support packages, Mastermind membership, Invisalign Go Product (unless upgraded to full Essentials), or to members that "click to complete" the program over a short period of time just to get a refund (course completion data shows us this). The guarantee is intended to assure those who do the work that their investment will pay for itself!

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