Frequently Asked Questions


Why is a quarterly commitment required?

Our curriculum is designed to be learned over the course of one year, giving members time to review, process, and practice what they learn. Additionally, an ongoing commitment helps foster an engaged learning community. Beyond our content alone, we want everyone to gain value from being part of a supportive community over time too!

When will I receive access to course materials?

Content is available immediately upon signup. Quarterly materials are provided every 90 days. Bonuses and live events are added and made available regularly.

Can I accelerate my access to content?

Yes! We offer a one-time opportunity to accelerate access to all content at signup at a discount. Don’t miss out!

Can I upgrade to my membership?

Yes! Please contact us at [email protected] to request an upgrade.

If I upgrade my existing membership, will my current membership be credited?

Yes! When you contact us at [email protected] to request an upgrade, be sure to note that you are an existing member!

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your next upcoming renewal period prior to that renewal occurring (excluding Mastermind). Just email us at [email protected].

Why are Premium and Mastermind subscriptions offered on a limited basis and subject to availability?

Ryan personally performs the included ClinCheck modifications. He also personally conducts the Mastermind sessions and remains deeply engaged with the Mastermind community, which is intentionally limited to a small number to ensure a direct, dynamic, and personal learning experience.


How will I be billed?

Quarterly memberships are billed quarterly over the course of one year.
Annual memberships are billed at one time (unless an upgrade, in which case your original quarterly membership will be credited toward the cost of the upgrade to the annual membership).

Mastermind memberships require a deposit, followed by additional payments.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

Molis Coaching coordinates all payments through Stripe. If you are having an issue with your payment method, please contact us at [email protected].


How many ClinCheck® modifications will I receive with my subscription?

Each Molis Coaching Premium subscription comes stocked with two ClinCheck modifications during each month of membership. These modifications may be submitted via the course page at anytime.

If I don't use both of my ClinCheck modifications in one month, can I carry the unused modification over to the next month?

ClinCheck modifications included with Premium subscriptions do not roll over to the next month. Additional ClinCheck modifications may be purchased separately in the event that you desire more than two modifications (subject to availability).

Will I be able to use my ClinCheck modifications if I cancel my subscription?

Any ClinCheck modifications included as a part of your Molis Coaching Premium or Mastermind subscription will be available through your subscription end date.

If I am signed up for Molis Coaching Essentials Training, am I able to purchase individual ClinCheck modifications without upgrading to Molis Coaching Premium or Premium Plus?

All members have the ability to purchase individual ClinCheck modifications through the duration of their subscription. Members my select either written or video modifications.


What is the total cost of the Molis Coaching Mastermind program?

The total cost of the Molis Coaching Mastermind is $24,950.

A deposit of $7,500 is required to secure your spot for an upcoming date.

What is included in the Mastermind program?

Full Program Content - Molis Coaching Mastermind participants will receive an all-access pass to the entire Molis Coaching program, including:

  • All core course materials and bonus content;
  • Monthly ClinCheck® modifications;
  • Personal access to Ryan via phone and email; and
  • Access to the exclusive Mastermind Facebook community.

2 Day Intensive at the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World - Each Mastermind session will involve two full days of intensive training led by Ryan and his team.

  • Airport transfers and hotel room at the Four Seasons are included.
  • Meals, beverages, and course materials will be provided during sessions.
  • Participants will be invited to social events at Ryan’s home in Disney’s Golden Oak Community (adjacent to the Four Seasons).
  • NOTE: Participants are responsible for purchasing their own airfare.

A complete itinerary of the Mastermind session will be provided to participants in the weeks prior to the event.

Why is a deposit required to sign up?

Molis Coaching Mastermind events are limited to only a very select number of Molis Coaching members each year. We require a deposit to secure your participation and to prepare for your arrival.

When will my balance be billed?

Any remaining balance owed towards Mastermind participation will be billed 60 days prior to the event.

Is my Mastermind deposit refundable?

Deposits may be transferred to another date (subject to availability) with certain restrictions, but are otherwise non-refundable.

Can I change my Mastermind participation dates?

Yes, subject to availability of later Mastermind dates, and only if more than 60 days before your scheduled Mastermind date, as a one-time courtesy we will accommodate a transfer of your deposit to another available Mastermind date.

What if I have to cancel my attendance of my scheduled Mastermind date?

We understand that life happens. And we want to be flexible if the unexpected prevents you from attending your scheduled Mastermind session. Because Mastermind sessions are extremely limited, we will retain your deposit and full payment and apply it to a future Mastermind date.