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Invisalign Go

No. Our Go Curriculum is designed for the Go provider who wants to build their practice around the delivery of Invisalign Go cases exclusively.
You can absolutely start directly with our Full Essentials Membership if you would like to take on Invisalign Comprehensive cases right now or at any time in the future.

Molis Coaching Go Membership includes access to a Go-Specific Curriculum designed for the Go provider.

This includes over 20 custom Invisalign Go lessons, specifically built to increase your confidence and efficiency in delivering Invisalign Go cases.

This curriculum also includes a small number of our Essentials Curriculum lessons we have included because we know they can be valuable to Go providers as well. 

Upon enrollment, you'll get immediate access to the online training materials at sign-up for the Go membership. 
Your membership also includes access to the members-only Facebook community where Dr. Ryan, the Molis Coaching Team, and other motivated doctors like you are regularly engaged and ready to answer your questions, from case intake to treatment evaluations and through refinement.
It's the most supportive group around - you're gonna love it!

Additionally, Dr. Ryan includes a connection to his recommended supplies and to the supplier he has used for years. As a result, group discounts on the most common supplies for Invisalign treatment is also included.

The Invisalign Go course includes 24 lessons, including selections from our Reference & Bonus Library as well.
Total viewing time for the video lessons is about 3 hours total. Actual learning time can vary as you may want to repeat some of the lessons, involve applicable team members in your learning, and revisit the curriculum as you gain experience and refine your skills.

In coordination with the Invisalign Go Forward Program, your membership is 6 months in duration.
You will have full access to all training materials and the members-only Facebook community during this time.
If you would like to renew your membership for another 6 months and/or upgrade to the full Essentials Membership (focused on comprehensive cases) you can do so on or before the end of your 6-month membership. We'd love to welcome you there!

You can upgrade to Essentials Membership at any time.

The full price of your Go Membership will be applied to the price of an Essentials Membership at that time. So, basically, there is no risk in joining Go because the full amount can be applied to Essentials at any time during your membership.

Our Essentials Membership provides support for comprehensive cases as well as a deeper dive on the Whole Practice Approach, Marketing Efficiency and Clinical Competence. It also includes our ClinCheck Roadmap module and a full 12 month membership in our community.  It's totally worth it AND it is guaranteed to pay for itself!


ClinCheck support for Invisalign Go Members can be found in the curriculum and in the members-only Facebook community.

You can post cases and your questions, discuss amber and red status issues, and the like. While a response is not guaranteed, doctors in our Facebook community generally respond promptly to interesting cases and thoughtful questions.

If you would like additional, personalized ClinCheck support provided directly by Ryan and our team of ClinCheck support doctors, you can either upgrade to the full Essentials Membership and subscribe to a 12 months of 2 ClinChecks per month OR you can purchase ClinCheck 3-Packs as Go Member, which can be used at any time during your membership. More details are available in your Go Curriculum once you become a member.

As an Essentials Member, you have the option of purchasing ClinCheck support in either written or video format. This add-on includes 2 ClinChecks per month (you may add more if needed). 

Because Invisalign Go leverages many of the same techniques doctors us in Comprehensive cases (such as placing attachments, performing IPR, etc.), we include Invisalign Go doctors in the full Essentials Community.

If you have questions specific to a Go case and want to ensure it is answered in that context, you can add a #GoCase to your post to ensure it is addressed properly.

Once you complete your purchase of the Molis Coaching Invisalign Go Membership, you can immediately login and begin viewing course material and related resources. 

You will be provided with a link to the members-only Facebook community in your first lesson. You can click through and request access, which is typically granted within one hour or less (our team will simply need to verify your status as an active member). 


Invisalign Go Membership is focused entirely on the process of assessing and treating cases that qualify for Invisalign Go treatment and are limited to Invisalign Go tools (including the iTero).

Cases that do not qualify for Invisalign Go treatment may be discussed but only in so far as how they may be appropriately declined, effectively referred out, or how an Invisalign Go doctor may choose to take on an Invisalign Comprehensive case (and the support that Molis Coaching can provide in that journey).

Your Invisalign Go Membership will include only information related to Invisalign Go in terms of curriculum, reference material, and your members-only community.

The Essentials Membership supports doctors with a simplified approach to Comprehensive Cases. The Essentials curriculum is more comprehensive, and the community membership lasts a full year. It's incredible, it's guaranteed to pay for itself, and we'd LOVE to welcome you there when the time is right!

Access to your Invisalign Go Membership is granted immediately after your purchase. You can begin learning right away and can join the members-only online community today as well!
Let's do this!! (We say that a lot!)

Technically, no. Our guarantee applies to the Essentials Membership. But we're pretty confident the Go Membership will MORE than pay for itself if you do the work!

The Go Membership is low-cost - less than the price of most conferences. But you'll learn more than you would at a single conference (and you get the Facebook community membership, and all the coaching you'll find from Ryan and your peer doctors).

We have a number of Invisalign Go members who have set and exceeded their ambitious goals as members of the Molis Coaching Go program. 

Like any program, ours only works if you do. So if you plan the work and work the plan, your membership will more than pay for itself - and quickly!


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