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Invisalign Go Training

Now Included in Essentials!

One Simple System • Easy Online Learning • Proven Results


Specialized Curriculum

25+ Video-Based Lessons

• Everything You Need — Start to Finish
• Clinical Instruction with ClinCheck Examples
• Get Same-day Starts from Chairside Consults
• Workflow, Financing, and Practice Integration
• Extensive Reference & Bonus Library

Online Community

Private, Members-Only on Facebook

• Engage with Dr. Ryan, Your Peers, & Team Molis Coaching
• View Treatment Plans with Go-Focused Insights
• Collaborate on Case Acceptance
• Continue Learning with Strategies, Tips, & Tools

Meet Dr. Ramsay who started with Invisalign Go...

"My first 10 lifetime cases were Invisalign Go. Since joining Molis Coaching, I’ve done 240 MORE cases in just six months!”
—Dr. Ramsay

    • Joined Molis Coaching November 2019
    • 10 lifetime cases to 250 in 6 months
    • Easily transitioned from Invisalign Go to Invisalign Comprehensive


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