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Dr. Ryan Molis

Chief Coaching & ClinCheck® Officer
100% Believes in YOU!


We knew there had to be a better we built it!
We built Molis Coaching so that YOU can experience a single, simplified, scalable approach to sustainable Invisalign success that can transform your practice forever! (Oh...and we guarantee it will pay for itself!)

Ryan began his dentistry career part time at two different practices in two very different communities in the Chicago area. He became an early adopter of Invisalign treatment and immersed himself in learning all he could.

He attended dozens of conferences, spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing packages, and endured endless trial end error to determine what worked (and what didn't).

He saw first-hand the costs, challenges, and inefficiencies of decentralized Invisalign education.

He also learned from it.

His early start and deep commitment to providing Invisalign treatment positioned him to exponentially scale the growth of his practices over time. Eventually, he purchased both practices where he got his start, seamlessly growing the general dentistry and Invisalign offerings of both, and continually refining what worked and eliminating what didn't. Patterns emerged and a single, simplified system developed.

Invisalign revenue quickly became over half of the revenue of both practices, and became the most exciting – and lucrative – part of the daily experiences of his practices, his team, and his life.

After nearly 20 years of unparalleled success, Ryan was repeatedly asked, and eventually inspired, to help other general dentists avoid the inefficiency of confusing and conflicting approaches, wasted time and money on ineffective marketing, and completely avoidable trial and error.

Knowing first-hand the positive impact of a single, simple, easy-to-integrate Invisalign system in a general dentistry practice, Ryan sought to help others do the same, and Molis Coaching was born.

By the Numbers

As a solo-practitioner with only 4 ops in each office, Ryan has exponentially grown two separate practices, one from 
$600,000 to $4.5 mil per year, and another from $250,000 to $1.9 mil per year.

  • Both in under 5 years
  • Both as a direct result of his Invisalign practice
  • Both in completely different communities with totally different median income levels - proving Invisalign practice success is possible in any market

Invisalign treatment conversion rate over 90% (with a 4 minute consultation speech)

75% of Invisalign treatment patients become general dentistry patients

50% of current practice is now entirely Invisalign treatment revenue

Annual average cases of nearly 600 per year

6,000 total Invisalign patients...and counting! 

Align Leadership

2006 to 2009 - Lecturer

2015 - Began consulting with Align Technology to evaluate plastics

2016 - Part of multiple pilot programs to develop and advance Invisalign ClinCheck® software

2017 to current - Retained consultant with Align Technology

2018 - Pilot program participant, including Itero® Scanner and ClinCheck software

2018 to current - Key Opinion Leader for Align Technology

2018 to current - Lecturer

2019 - Invisalign GP Summit Case Shootout, recognized with one of top-2 cases in North America

2019 to Today - Working with Align Technology to leverage technology to drive continuous innovation and enhance a doctor's treatment planning experience

2021 - Working with Align Technology to develop a ClinCheck pilot to improve a doctor's digital treatment plan experience by increasing control of the treatment planning modifications process while using 3D controls.

Regularly serves as practitioner-advisor to Align Technology's CEO and senior leadership.

Most importantly, still in practice, every day, just like YOU.
Let's go and grow together!

Join Molis Coaching

Scott Curran



Scott has spent his career helping motivated leaders and businesses build their platforms for unparalleled success.

Together with Ryan, Scott helps set the vision that drives Molis Coaching's creation of dynamic educational content and fosters an enriching and rewarding experience for every Molis Coaching member. Deeply experienced in both organizational and program development, Scott has seen first-hand how bold goals can be transformed into action to change lives.

Outside of Molis Coaching, through Beyond Advisers, a social impact consulting firm he founded, Scott counsels former presidents, renowned philanthropists, private sector CEOs, A-list celebrities, and leaders of high-profile organizations in their work to make the world a better place.


Prior to his current roles, Scott served as General Counsel to the Clinton Foundation. During his decade of service, he worked with global leaders at the highest levels of government, philanthropy, and the private sector to design and build their platforms and programs to achieve peak results. He is also a law school professor and lecturer on innovation-driven market opportunities.

How did he and Ryan join forces for Molis Coaching?  Glad you asked!  You can read Our Story for more. But the short version is they were world class nerds together in high school (and are still today).

Most days you can find Scott well caffeinated by great coffee spending time with his wife, Amy, two kids, and special needs rescue dogs, while plotting his next adventure in locations with sunshine and palm trees!


Matt Hicks, DDS

Molis Coaching Certified Educator
Deputy ClinCheck Officer

Matt is a full time general dentist in Houston Texas and also serves as Adjunct Faculty & Deputy ClinCheck Officer for Molis Coaching. 

Matt was an early adopter of Molis Coaching and a member of Molis Coaching Mastermind Class #1. Since becoming immersed in Invisalign, he has grown his practice by 400% in less than 12 months.

Matt is passionate about continuing his education and spends much of his free time taking advanced courses to improve and create an environment that puts an emphasis on quality patient care and comfort. He averages over 200 hours of continuing education per year with a heavy focus on orthodontics and Invisalign. In 2018, he became the youngest doctor to complete the one-year fellowship in implant surgery and reconstruction at the TexMAX AAID Implant MaxiCourse, which is accredited by the prestigious American Academy of Implant Dentistry.


Allison Lacoursiere

Molis Coaching Adjunct Faculty

Community Lead, Molis Coaching Teams

Allison is a certified professional coach through IPEC and a member of the International Coaches Federation. She is passionate about helping dental offices struggling with not enough time, disorganization, or inefficiency to improve their office culture and increase their revenues.

At Molis Coaching, Allison leads the Teams community – our growing network of Essentials Teams members who serve in any and every staff capacity across the practices of Molis Coaching members.

With over a decade in the industry, Allison has managed practices, coached teams, and operated successful marketing. Her company Clear Coaching works to create success in the dental industry through strategic marketing strategies, coaching practices, and providing Invisalign and Instagram training.

As the founder of Clear Coaching, Allison is an expert in Clear Aligner Systems and helping dentists streamline their efficiency and increase their production. Additionally, she is a member AADOM, a certified Registered and Orthodontic Dental Assistant, and completed her Dental Office Management through the University of Toronto.

Anthony Engle, DMD

Molis Coaching Adjunct Faculty

Following his graduation in 1999 from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry, Anthony went into practice serving west Birmingham. Leaving group practice in 2019, Anthony purchased an office in Moody, Alabama where he and his team strive to provide excellent full-service dental care.

Over his 22 year career, continuing education has been a part of Anthony’s commitment to his profession. In 2004, he graduated from the prestigious Misch International Implant Institute and routinely places and restores implants.

An Invisalign provider since 2013, Anthony joined Molis Coaching following the GP Summit in 2019. In just over one year, his office in Moody gone from zero cases annually to achieving Platinum status.

Outside of work, Anthony has three children, a daughter in college and two teenage sons. Part time coaching, hunting, and fishing provide welcome family time outdoors. 

Rekha Reddy, DDS

Molis Coaching Adjunct Faculty

Rekha is a practicing clinical dentist with a passion for Invisalign. She was able to transform her practice through increasing Invisalign case starts by over 300% in three years. Her goal is to share knowledge, experience and struggles with other general dentists who are hoping to grow their practice, profitability, and peace of mind. Rekha joined the Align Faculty in 2021 and enjoys teaching, training, and nerding out about all things Invisalign and iTero.

Rekha grew up in Midland, TX and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin. After working as healthcare consultant, she returned to school in order to follow her passion for helping patients. She received her DDS from The UT Health Science Center San Antonio and now practices in the Park Cities area of Dallas. She is a Platinum Invisalign provider and has completed over 350 Invisalign cases and was a semi-finalist in the 2019 Invisalign GP Summit Gallery Shoot-out.

Samera Mumtaz, DMD

Molis Coaching Adjunct Faculty

Samera is a full-time dentist in Havertown, Pennsylvania. Her office focuses on Family Dentistry and Invisalign. She recently became an Invisalign Platinum Provider and is looking forward to sharing her passion and commitment with like-minded members of the Molis Community.

Samera received her Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery from Sheffield Dental School in the United Kingdom. She then moved to the US where she was an Adjunct Faculty member at Temple University School of Dentistry where she obtained her DMD in 2008. After several years in corporate dentistry, she realized her dream to become a practice owner in 2016. Since purchasing her practice, she has increased revenue by over 250%.

Curtis White, DDS

Molis Coaching Adjunct Faculty

Curtis is a full-time dentist in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Graduating from Dalhousie University in 2013, he first practiced in Newfoundland, Canada, before moving back to his hometown of Cape Breton.  During the COVID-19 Pandemic, he decided to add Invisalign to his clinical offerings and that’s when he found Molis Coaching. 

When not practicing dentisty, Curtis enjoys spending time with his two young children and wife, running, and using his years of boxing experience to coach at local clubs.  


Juan Sanchez-Soto, DMD

Molis Coaching Adjunct Faculty

After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine in 2014, Juan completed his one year residency from NYU Lutheran Medical Center where he had the opportunity to become Invisalign certified.  After working as an associate for 2 years, Juan purchased his private practice in March 2017 in Aguada, Puerto Rico.

Having started a grand total of 15 Invisalign cases before joining Molis Coaching in 2019 and following a challenging 2020, Juan has now achieved Gold Plus status.  He attended Molis Coaching Mastermind Class IV and has his eyes set on Platinum.

Juan likes to take his lunch breaks and Zoom calls by the beach and enjoys spending time in the pool with this wife and son, watching Formula 1 on Sundays, and mountain biking.


Michelle Bui, DDS

Molis Coaching Adjunct Faculty

Michelle graduated from UCLA Dental School in 2004. She, together with her husband, bought a dental practice in 2008 and have successfully transformed it from a heavily HMO office to a PPO and fee for service practice. 

Michelle has taken comprehensive courses in braces, implant, and laser education to expand services that she provides to her patients. However, nothing has increased her professional happiness more or provided such a fast ROI her decision to buy an iTero and begin providing Invisalign treatment.

Michelle joined Molis Coaching in advance of her iTero delivery and within six months she became a Gold Plus Invisalign provider. 

Michelle speaks several languages including English, Vietnamese, Norwegian (she lived in Norway from the age of 5 to 14), and some Spanish. When Michelle is not working, she loves to spend time with her husband, her two high school aged kids, and cuddling with her dog.


Joe Ballard

Product Manager and Director of Analytics

Joe leads the effort to ensure that Molis Coaching is meeting and exceeding the expectations of every member through impact analysis and organizational learning.  Reaching across the Molis Coaching community and working with members directly, Joe is responsible for capturing and assessing participant’s needs, experiences, and outcomes in order to ensure constant growth and improvement in the member experience.

Outside of Molis Coaching, as a member of the senior leadership team at Beyond Advisers, Joe works with philanthropic leaders, family offices, and Fortune 500s at the nexus of public, private, and non-governmental sectors to achieve measurable impact in their work to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Prior to joining Beyond, Joe led the monitoring and evaluation team at the Clinton Global Initiative, where he was responsible for data, impact assessment, and related analytics.  In this role, Joe led partnerships with Palantir Technologies, IBM, and other leading technology companies to develop intelligence utilized by CGI and its member organizations in improving their social impact work.

Joe’s early career focused on the academic study and practice of social impact fieldwork.  As member of faculty at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, he worked both inside and outside of the classroom with graduate students and leading community development organizations in the United States and abroad.

Jenna Gillen

Marketing & Community Manager 

Mastermind Member Concierge 

Jenna is the Molis Coaching Mastermind Member Concierge. In this role, Jenna ensures a seamless experience across all aspects of the Mastermind Experience for our Mastermind members and guests.

Jenna has over ten years of experience delivering exceptional personalized service in the hospitality industry. As a Walt Disney World® Cast Member for over nine years Jenna held a variety of roles including Park Operations, Sales, Guest Relations, and Premium Services. For three years Jenna served as a VIP Tour Guide, skillfully guiding over 250 customized tours for VIP clientele, dignitaries, corporate leaders, and celebrities.

Currently, Jenna supports Hilton Hotels & Resorts® as an administrative professional supporting the sales department of two high-performing Orlando hotel properties by fostering relationships and developing sales effectiveness to increase product value in the competitive Orlando market.

Jenna is known for her contagious enthusiasm, generosity, and dependability. She consistently strives to surpass expectations in all that she does. Jenna is a Disney Parks super-fan and enjoys traveling around the world with her husband, Liam.

Stacie Novak

Member Support Specialist

Stacie directly supports our members from their initial onboarding in to Molis Coaching and on through their active engagement with the curriculum and in the community.

Outside of Molis Coaching, Stacie serves as an office manager at Dr. Molis’ South Holland office. For the past five years Stacie has worked alongside Dr. Molis in building a thriving practice that meets patient’s expectations and needs. There, she is responsible for all administrative tasks as well as handling patient appointments and staff schedules, as well as keeping track of office finances.

When she is not working, Stacie spends her free time with her husband, Kenneth and son, Everett. They hope to continue growing their family in the coming years.

Michele Buralli

Member Support Specialist

Michele supports curriculum and program development efforts across platforms to ensure that Molis Coaching is always developing new and exciting content for members.

Michele has been working in the dental field alongside Dr. Molis for the past eleven years. She began her career as an assistant and soon after took on the role of office manager at his South Holland office. There, she is responsible for leading and managing all sections of the office and works to ensure that the highest level of customer service standards are being met. She has improved and stabilized the communication process amongst staff ensuring employee growth and satisfaction within the office.

Michele also currently works as a medical billing specialist on top of managing Molis Dental and becoming part of the Molis Coaching team.

Outside of work, she keeps busy with her two sons and enjoys spending her free time with her family.

Kristen Lopez

Member Support Specialist

Kristen supports the engagement of our members in the Essentials Teams community.


Outside of Molis Coaching, Kristen has been working alongside Dr. Molis for over seven years. During that time, she started as an entry level assistant and is now Dr. Molis’ lead Invisalign assistant at the Burr Ridge office. There, she is responsible for exceptional patient care, delivering Invisalign, iTero scanning, training new team members, managing Invisalign cases, Invisalign explanations, placing lingual bars, and office flow - just to name a few.


When Kristen is not working, she spends her time experimenting with new recipes for her blended family of six!



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